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Audiocenter TS SERIES A high performance portable entertainment and touring system. April 03 2015

The new TS Series active loudspeakers are based on a active selfpowerd Princip. Equipped with a Class D (PWM Technology) and controlled by a DSP.

The range represents an access-level point to a self powered Speakers , with a simplified "stand-alone-only" mode, as well as introducing a light-weight com enclosure.TS Series feature a digital menu to quickly access all the necessary features for a accurate multipurpose PA system set-up.

The new series benefits from using premium European manufactured transducers, in a light weight, while equally solid composite molded cabinet design that ensures maximum rigidity and reduced weight and optimized reflex ports that reduce air turbulence noise and increase electro-acoustical efficiency,  well defined low frequency response.

The stiff front baffle houses the  reflex ports as well as an advanced integrated resonance free , band-pass controlled Q waveguide that ensures top level directivity control at the crossover point and smooth off-axis response at all SPL levels.There are 8 new models in the TS Series, that deliver a uniform family sound signature while adding greater LF response and maximum SPL levels as the enclosure and woofer sizes increase.



The unique drivers for Audiocenter TS Series are customized by Faital and Beyma. The HF driver boasts dynamic performance, offering a clear and warm vocal delivery. Both HF and LF drivers adopt light weight ferrite technology.


The multi-functional cabinet design of the TS series is suitable as both a PA and as a stage monitor in the rental and fixed installation market whether it be for background music, vocals, speech, instrumental performances and more



The TS Series horns use the latest advanced DMFTM composite material, specifically designed for Audiocenter by Faital. The result is an exceptionally smooth and balanced sound. The 90°×60° dispersion angle can also be adjusted by up to 90° to suit the installation environment.



The Audiocenter DSP uses a 65KHz sampling frequency and 64-bit technology to deliver accurate control of the sound dispersion.

The series provides 5 music styles in the EQ preset programs which are easily and quickly set by pressing the keys on the back control panel. The easy to read LED indicators clearly display the signal level, temperature and protection information at a glance.



The Class D circuit design is the latest amplifier switching circuitry to supersede Class AB amplification. Together with PWMTM technology, it offers speaker systems higher efficiency, has a more compact design and an improved cooling system.



The TS series is without fans. It can work very quietly.So it’s very good for the applications like conference room and church, etc

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We sell a wide vairiety of sound equipment online or by consultation, commercial/ home audio, pro audio, led lighting equipment and musical instruments. Our range includes pa systems, amplifiers, speakers, powered speakers, mixers, powered mixers, microphones, cd players, dj midi controllers etc,  pro lighting equipment, LED light effects, lasers, stage lights, smoke machines, light controllers ect. products we sell can be used for private homes, schools, shops, retaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, mobile djs, country clubs, sports venues, conference centres, outdoor  events, churches or places of worship, bands, private individuals, companies, or any other application that requires sound. We also do professional sound installations for any application if required.

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