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Alesis Crimson II SE Special Edition Electronic Drum Kit

R 22,500.00 R 36,000.00

An immersive electronic drumming experience from Alesis
Vast sound options - powered by the feature-packed Crimson II drum module
Practise, perform and record in style - technology that adapts for purpose
Dual-zone drum pads and 4-cymbal set-up for realistic, responsive playing

An electronic drum kit with high-end features and behaviours, but one that won't break the bank. The Alesis Crimson II Special Edition Electronic Drum Kit delivers a truly immersive playing experience well-catered for every drummer. Powered by the expansive Crimson II drum module, this 9-piece configuration offers vast creative possibilities and performance options. The dual-zone drum pads feature Alesis' customary mesh heads for enhanced feel and realistic response.
Complete creative freedom. You're spoilt for choice with the Crimson II module's massive library of samples, featuring 671 unique sounds and 74 kits - 20 of these are presets for you to customise. If you're not playing, you're creating. The varied, 4-piece cymbal set-up is the perfect outlet for your arsenal of audio options - including a hi-hat, two crash pads and a triple-zone ride. The Crimson II kit is housed in a sturdy, quick-lock steel rack, ensuring reliable foundations wherever you take it. Finished with an unmistakable crimson trim, these drums debunk any notions that electronic kits can fall short in the visual department. Practise, perform and record in style!

What makes this edition special?
While the original Crimson II drum pads featured black mesh heads, this limited, special edition of the Crimson II series includes all white mesh heads. In contrast with the crimson trims and black cymbals/hardware, this completes a striking visual aesthetic.

Adaptable for every playing scenario
Whether you're practising, performing or recording, the Crimson II is designed to deliver a fantastic drumming experience sure to please even the most meticulous player. The 5-piece pad set consists of two 8" dual-zone tom pads, a 10" dual-zone tom pad, a 12" dual-zone snare pad and an 8" kick pad - each of which feature Alesis' patented, tightly-woven mesh heads. Providing an enhanced playing experience with natural rebound and response, the Alesis Crimson II is perfect for quiet practice sessions, studio recording and live performances.

4-Piece Electronic Cymbal Set
To complement the drum pads, the Alesis Crimson II comes supplied with a 4-piece set of electronic cymbals which comprises a 12" hi-hat, two 12" crash pads (with choke feature) and a 14" triple-zone ride. These cymbals offer the perfect balance of both control and bounce that contributes to the Crimson II's immersive playing experience.

The Crimson II Drum Module
Both the heart and the brain of the Crimson II Kit. The Crimson II module allows you to choose from 74 drum kits (54 factory and 20 user), 671 built-in sounds and 120 tracks. Additionally, the module features an 1/8" input for connecting your smartphone/tablet, a stereo pair of 1/4" outputs, a headphone output and a USB-MIDI output for triggering virtual instrument plugins and recording your performance.

Complete creative freedom
The versatile Crimson II drum module provides even more creative freedom thanks to its integrated USB input that allows you to plug in a USB memory stick. This can be used to load your own .WAV samples which can then be quickly and easily assigned to any zone of any pad. You're in control of the sounds at your disposal.

Never stop learning
Even when you've mastered the drumming discipline, you can always learn more! Included with all Alesis electronic drum kits are 40 bonus lessons for the Melodics desktop app - the world's best music tutor for contemporary musicians. Don't restrict yourself to a standard metronome and boring lessons. Melodics offers access to expertly-tailored lessons that make mastering your instrument easy, exciting and engaging. Perfect your playing with Alesis!

2 x 8" Dual-Zone Mesh Tom Pads
1 x 10" Dual-Zone Mesh Tom Pad
1 x 12" Dual-Zone Mesh Snare Pad
1 x 8" Kick Pad
1 x 12" Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad
2 x 12" Crash Cymbal Pads with Choke
1 x 14" Triple-Zone Ride Cymbal Pad
Crimson II Drum Module
Maximum Polyphony: 64 voices
Kits: 74 (54 preset and 20 user)
671 sounds/voices (drum, percussion, effect)
Up to 99 user-loaded samples, 15MB total
125 patterns (120 preset songs + 5 user songs)
Up to 99 user songs in 1 folder on USB flash drive
192 ticks per beat
Real-time record
Approx. 6800 notes per user song
Tempo: 30–280 BPM
Display: 64 x 128 pixel, monochrome, backlit display
(1) DB-25 cable snake
(1) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TS Crash 2
(1) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TS Tom 4
(2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS main outputs
(1) 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo headphone output
(1) 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo auxiliary input
(1) 5-pin MIDI input
(1) 5-pin MIDI output
(1) USB MIDI port
(1) USB host port
Power: 9 VDC, 500 mA, center-positive
Dimensions: 230 x 160 x 69mm
Weight: 0.5kg