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Audiocenter K-LA210 Dual 10" 2-Way Passive Line Array 350+350+70W (Single)

R 13,880.00 R 18,800.00

K-LA210, a 2-way passive crossover line array speaker, is designed to meet the high requirements of touring performance, rental and fixed installation.

The HF driver of K-LA210 is customized BEYMA driver with composite membrane (2.84” voice coil), and the LF drivers are two customized BEYMA 10” drivers (2.5” voice coil).

K-LA210 system can be used as main sound reinforcement for stage with 3pcs at least or 16pcs at most per array. For system application, we suggest one amp to drive two cabinets (amp working at 2 ohm impedance). Together with AUDIOCENTER CA450, a “plug&play system can be built up easily to meet the demands from small to large sound system.

K-LA210 can be installed vertically. The hanging accessories are built in the cabinet. There are 9.5mm diameter highly durable pins. The system can be configured in modularization according to the venues. Same frame can be either for flying the arrays or for stacking the arrays (We suggest 4pcs maximum for stacking) to meet different demands

Customized drivers from BEYMA

PTV HF horn design ensures even coverage and highly accurate directivity

Dual effect phase correction technology

2-way passive crossover design

American Benelec XPP audio capacitor with stable quality and reliable performance

Manually soldered fiber board to ensure zero consumption even in very high dynamic

Unique driver protection circuit and high-efficient cooling system of the driver

Optimized and compact light weight cabinet design

Rock solid humidity free birch plywood CNC made cabinet

Touring grade emery spraying

Comprehensive accessories suitable for different applications



2-way passive crossover line array speaker

Application System         

3pcs minimum, 16pcs maximum per array

Frequency Response

(-6dB anechoic chamber)


Rated Power(AES standard)

LF: 500W    HF: 70W



Maximum SPL


Horizontal Coverage Angle(Symmetrical)


Vertical Coverage Angle(Symmetrical)


MF/LF Driver

Customized BEYMA ferrite driver, 2.5” voice coil, 250W(AES)

HF Driver

Customized BEYMA ferrite driver, 1.4” exit, 2.84” voice coil, 70W(AES)

Crossover Point

1.2KHz, passive crossover

Rated Impedance

8Ω(+1, -1)

1 Way Amplifier   

2pcs maximum, 4Ω

Adjusted Angles

0°, 1°, 2°,3°,4°, 6°, 8°, 10°

Input Connectors       


Cabinet Material   

Russian birch plywood CNC made

Cabinet Color      

Black and white available, can be customized according to the RAL code



Net Weight