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Audiolab 8200X7 7-Channel Power Amplifier

R 14,890.00 R 19,900.00

The Audiolab 8200X7 shares the same superb audio quality as it's 8200 series stereo brothers but with multi-channel surround sound for those who are seeking the very best of both movie and high fidelity music worlds. It acts as the perfect partner to the 8200AP and provides 7 channels of audio or 5/6 channels with flexible bridging modes.

A smart feature of the meaty 8200X7 is its power-saving mode. The 8200X7 detects an audio signal from either a pre-press switching signal or by using a two-stage adjustable sensitivity sensor that powers on when audio is passed through via the processor and goes to sleep a few minutes after it is silent.

  • Description 7- Channel Power Amplifier
  • Rated Output Power 7 x 100W (8ohms) or 5 x 100W and 1 x 150W (8ohms) or 3 x 100W and 2 x 150W (8ohms)
  • Frequency Response Gain 1.5Hz - 150kHz (-3dB) 28.8dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion N/A
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 90dB
  • Input Sensitivity 1.05V RMS
  • Impedance 47kë©
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 448 x 132 x 340mm
  • Net Weight 18.2kg
  • Finish Silver/Black
  • Standard Accessories - Power cord