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Castle Compact Columns 5.1 Home Theatre Set

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Millions of people around the world agree. Recreating the drama, impact and excitement of the cinema, theatre, concert hall, opera house, or live arena within the home is a great idea. It's where hi-fi came from. Millions also want to hear more of the sound, but to see less of the speakers. Fine, so we have smaller speakers, but we use more of them. Here comes the snag. Beyond a certain point, the smaller a speaker gets, the less accurate it becomes. Too often today, the result is that there are lots of speakers and lots of sound in the room, but accuracy, and with it realism, goes out of the window. Cue Castle Compact. Here is a system which offers small yet powerful loudspeakers, in an easy to install flexible configuration, which is visually appealing and highly adaptable, but has been designed without sonic compromise.
Compact Column
Frequency Response   45Hz-40kHz
Nominal Impedance      8 ohms
Sensitivity         89 dB for 1 watt at 1 metre
Amplifier Requirements   15-100 wat
System Type      Reflex enclosure with bitumous internal damping for low colouration
Bass Unit         2 x 110mm (4 1/2 in.) Klippel optimised, glass fibre cone
Treble Unit      1 x 20mm (3/4 inches) low modulus polyamide
Room Positioning      Flexible, to suit room layout
Dimensions       850mm H x 140mm W x 190mm D 
Weight          10.6kg each

Compact Satellites
Frequency Response   70Hz - 40 kHz
Nominal Impedance      8 ohms
Amplifier Requirements   15-75 watts
Room Positioning      On or near wall
Dimensions       200mm H x 140mm W x 160mm D
Weight Each      3 kg each

Compact Centre L.C.R
Frequency Response   70Hz - 40 kHz
Nominal Impedance      8 ohms
Amplifier Requirements   15-100 watts
Room Positioning      Above or below TV, on or near wall
Dimensions Height      140mm H x 320mm W x 160mm D
Weight Each      4.7kg 

Compact Cube (Subwoofer)
Frequency Response   35Hz - 120Hz adjustable digital filters
Type         150 watts active subwoofer
System Type      Reflex design with double trumpet port
Bass Unit         250mm (10in.) unit with air dried paper cone
Dimensions       350mm H x 350mm W x 400mm D
Weight          18.3kg