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Castle Conway 3 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

R 10,990.00 R 12,500.00

Castle Conway 3 Floorstanding Speakers available in black oak or cherry finish.

The all-new Castle Conway 3 is the largest floor standing reflex ported speaker we have made for some years. It is also the most advanced. Its driver complement comprises our renowned 28mm soft dome HF unit, bracketed by two fully shielded, high power 150mm bass/mid units in a d'Apollito arrangement, for more precise imaging and greater projection.

The massive magnet assemblies used for the two bass units also contribute to a tighter, more dynamic sound quality, a feature re-inforced by the use of ultra-rigid 25mm MDF panels for the Conway 3's cabinet, ensuring that its 960mm height does not result in any loss of tightness or coherence of sound. In the same vein, the Conway 3's downward firing reflex port is tuneable to match the acoustics of the room, allowing greater placement flexibility and maximum performance from today's advanced digital programme sources.

A bi-wire crossover, using only the highest quality audiophile components further enhances the Conway 3's versatility and appeal. As you would expect from Castle, the home of craftsman technology, the Conway 3's stylish cabinet comes in a choice of eight standard veneers.


Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
8 ohms
91dB for 1w at 1m
Amplifier Requirements
25-175 watts
System Type
Downward firing reflex
Bass Unit
2 x 150mm (2 x 6 in.) woven carbon fibre coned, cast chassis
Treble Unit
28mm (1.25 inch) soft dome
Dimensions Height
925mm (36.4 in.)
220mm (9 in.)
270mm (11 in.)
Weight Each
21kg (46.2 lbs)
Weight Packed
23kg (50.6 lbs)