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Chord RU2-C Dual Channel UHF Neckband / Hand Held Wireless Microphone System

R 3,340.00

The Chord RU2-C is a dual channel radio microphone system supplied complete with 1 hand held radio mic transmitter and 1 neckband microphone (and wireless beltpack transmitter) for hands free use.

The RU2 slimline 1U receiver can be rack mounted with the supplied rack ears. Individual balanced XLR outputs are available as well as a mixed output on 6.3mm jack.

The neckband microphone transmitter is a type of heaset microphone ideal for hands free presentations, but the band fits around the back of the neck instead of over the head. The supplied beltpack transmitter is powered by AA batteries for simplicity. A mute switch enables short term muting by maintaining the the radio signal carrier frequency. This enables the microphone to be used immediately upon releasing the mute switch instead of having to wait for the radio signal to be reinstated.

The hand held radio mic is also powered by AA batteries and has a mute switch.

The RU2 wireless microphone system is available in a variety of kits and the beltpacks and hand held transmitters are also available individually for complete flexibilty. (See related products)


Package Contents

  • RU2 dual UHF wireless receiver 
  • 19” rack ears
  • 2 x TNC antennas 
  • 2 x TNC antenna cables (for front panel mounting) 
  • 1 neckband microphone and beltpack transmitter
  • 1 hand held radio mic transmitter 
  • Mains power adapter 
  • 6.3mm mono jack lead 
  • 4 x 1.5V AA battery 



Power supply (receiver) 

12 - 18Vdc 350mA adaptor (supplied) 

Batteries (transmitters) 

4 x AA (included) 

Carrier frequency (171.864, 171.866, 171.868) 

863.3MHz + 864.3MHz 

Carrier frequency (171.865, 171.867, 171.869) 

863.8MHz + 864.8MHz 



S/N ratio 



<0.5% @ 1KHz 

Image rejection 

85dB typical 


60m (max) 

Output impedance 

2.2k ohms 

Output level 

Balanced: 0-400mv, unbalanced: 0-200mv 


DC in, 4 x XLRM, 6.3mm jack 

Dimensions - handheld transmitter 

243 x 48mmØ 

Dimensions - bodypack transmitter 

205 x 68 x 25mm 

Dimensions - receiver 

483 x 44 x 225mm 

Weight - handheld transmitter 

238g (no battery) 

Weight - bodypack transmitter 

76g (no battery) 

Weight - receiver