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d-tech UHF-203 Handheld+Lapel+Headset Dual Channel PLL Wireless Mic System

R 3,620.00 R 4,640.00

UHF-203 hand held, lavalier + headset system

Dual Channel PLL Wireless System

— Diversity
— Tone control squelch
— Working range adjustable
— LCD display
— 1600 channel selectable
— Group and channel selectable
— Smart option (Infrared SYNC)

— Adopting unidirectional condenser element, it creates superb isolation and unsurpassed gain-before-feedback effect, optimized for vocal and speaking performances.
— Convenient multi-channel selector. You can choose the best frequency from the hundreds available forthe best performance effect.
— Noise absorption design eliminates external and handing noise completely.
— Elegant steel grille provides durable protection to its own shape and element.
— Durable structure modular design is easy for assembly and detachment, especially convenient to after-sales service.
— Low battery consumption, Adopting two 1.5V AA batteries, it works a longer time than expected.


— Innovated design of the body-pack transmitter can be matched with lavalier, headset or instrument connector, providing another option besides handheld microphone; further more, it sets your hand free!
— Professional TA4F connector prevents the connector from dropping off and creating unwanted noise.
— Low battery consumption. Adopting two 1.5V AA batteries, it works a longer time than expected.


arrier Frequency Range: UHF 470-928MHz

Stability: ±0.005% (at 25℃)

Ambient Temperature: 10℃±50℃

Normal Deviation: ±35 KHz

Max Deviation: ±80KHz

S/N Ratio: <-110dB

T.H.D: <0.5%

Squelch: Tone control and noise lock dual squelch

Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20KHz

Operating Range: 100m(approximately 300 feet under typical conditions)



Receiving Mode: PLL Diversity (Dual Antenna)

Sensitivity: >-107dB

Image Rejection: Over 90dB

Audio Output: Balanced and Unbalanced

Power Requirement: AC 110-120V/220-240V
(50-60) External DC 18V 400mA

Dimensions (W x D x H): 240 x 130 x 42mm

Net Weight: Approx. 1.5kg


Wireless Microphone

Cartridge: Dynamic or Condenser

Antenna: Built-in

RF Output: <10mW

Spurious Emissions: <45dBc

Normal Deviation: ±35KHz

Maximum Deviation: ±80 KHz

Battery: Two 1.5V AA battery or 1.2V AA rechargeable battery

Battery Life: >8 Hours