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HK Audio PR:O PA Combo 2x PR:O15XA Plus 2x PR:O18SUBA

R 46,000.00 R 55,440.00

2x PR:O15XA

This multifunctional 15″/1″ cabinet delivers powerful low-end response and high SPL. Remarkably feedback resistant and amazingly articulate, it also serves users well as a monitor. The active PR:O 15 XA model ships with 600 watts power circuitry and a Speakon® port serving to connect a passive auxiliary cabinet.

  • Application: Fullrange Cabinet / Satellit / Stage Monitor
  • Output Power: 600 Watt
  • Speaker Output for Extension Cabinet
  • Mic and Line Input
  • Flexible High-power Cabinet




Boasting an 18″ woofer in a bass reflex housing, this bin delivers a low-ranging bass foundation. The specially designed active stereo x-over routes the right frequency spectrum to the mid/ high unit connected via the Satellite Out. The active PR:O 18 SUB A model also ships with a 600W RMS power amp and a port for active satellites.

  • Application: Subwoofer
  • Output Power: 600 Watt
  • Built-in stereo X-over
  • Very punchy High-power Subwoofer for Bands and DJ’s