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Proaudio TR15A Portable PA

R 2,300.00 R 3,000.00

Pro Audio Active Speaker Package. Portable PA system for mobile use; Ideal for mains independent and wireless applications


  • Ideal for mains independent and wireless applications, e.g. at sales events, lectures and gyms
  • 3-channel power mixer (200 W RMS) and 2-way speaker system with a woofer (15″)
  • MP3 player with Bluetooth receiver, IR remote control and volume control
  • SD card slot and USB input
  • Enjoy music wirelessly from mobile Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks
  • 1 wired microphone
  • Mains operation
  • 2 mono microphone channels
  • 1 stereo input channel for line signal sources e.g. CD players and notebooks
  • 2-band EQ, master volume control
  • 2 master outputs (mono)
  • Light-weight black plastic enclosure with metal grille, monitor shape and carrying handles
  • Flange for speaker stand installation
  • Two wheels and retractable pulling handle for trolley-like mobility
  • Extension Loudspeaker output for Passive Speaker
  • Stand included