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QTX Hazer HZ-Haze machine, 600w

R 3,980.00


The HZ-2, an upgrade of the highly successful FX1000, is the ultimate in fine mist generation. This model features a uniquely designed nozzle and 600W heater. It's relay temperature control allows a consistent flow of haze while preserving the lifespan of the product. Radically different in its construction from traditional haze machines, this unit can quickly and smoothly develop a pre-determined level of haze and maintain it consistently. Control of the HZ-2 is achieved by the 2-channel DMX or via the included remote control/timer. This product has been specifically developed for professional installations and high-end DJ applications.

  • 2,400 CU Ft (68m³) per minute (approx.)
  • Relay temperature controlled for constant temperature control and longer life
  • Uniquely designed nozzle for reduced condensation build up in the pipes
  • True constant haze output
  • Variable output angle
  • Low fluid indicator
  • Timer output remote control included
  • Easy to transport and portable
  • 2-channel DMX (output level and fan speed)
  • Removable tank for easy maintenance
  • Brands/QTX Light High grade haze fluid (160.590, 160.591) is highly recommended for use with this machine