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Qtx QTFX-V1500 Vertical fog machine

R 3,540.00


This unique fog machine can be operated horizontally, vertically or hung upside down from trussing. With a 1300W heater and high-pressured pump, it can produce around 20,000 Cu Ft (566m³) of fog per minute and project up to a height of 5m. It can be operated by the wireless remote or by a single channel on DMX. As with other QTFX fog machines, this unit features MIRROR piping patent technology to reduce the rate of jamming, and the special microcomputer control system maintains a high temperature allowing the unit to run efficiently for long periods of time.

  • 20,000 Cu Ft (566m³) per minute (approx)
  • Can be operated horizontally or vertically
  • Mounting points for hanging from trussing upside down (please follow instructions)
  • Conveniently placed carry handle
  • Operated by wireless remote control
  • 1 channel DMX to control the output from the machine
  • Master & Slave mode
  • Large tank capacity 2.5 litres
  • Anti-jamming pipe technology
  • Intelligent microcomputer keeps the temperature high
  • Removable tank for easy maintenance
  • Robust metal housing
  • We recommend High quality (160.644, 160.583), Premium fog fluid (160.589) or for that special effect Vapour blast fluid (160.594, 160.595) for use with this machine