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Quad Concourse Q5W wall mount or book shelf speakers (Pair)

R 1,900.00 R 2,800.00

Quad Concourse Q5W Bi-Pole speakers Each (White)



The QUAD CONCOURSE Q5 is a two way passive enclosure with a 5" bass driver and 1" dome tweeter. The CONCOURSE Q5 is intended for small room applications requiring high quality speech reinforcement and/or background music.

The CONCOURSE Q5 also features curved rear sides for easy mounting on walls at any angle.

The integral wall mount (bracket included) permits a wide variety of wall mounting angles.

The CONCOURSE Q5 is available in two color options (Black and White), each with matching grill cloth to hide the transducers and ensure a uniform enclosure color.


-    Two way passive reflex system with 5" bass driver and 1" soft dome tweeter

-    35watts program, 70watts peak

-    Weather resistant enclosure

-    Curved cabinet

-    Two color options (Black and White)

-    Wall mounting bracket included

-    Internal safety wire attached to the transducers and connected to a secondary (external) anchor point on the cabinet