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Wharfedale Titan Sub A-12 12" Active Subwoofer (Single)

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Wharfedale Titan Sub A-12 12" Active Subwoofer (A pair are also available) The new Wharfedale Pro Titan™ Sub-A12, a powerful active subwoofer system designed to produce high quality audio in any performance application. The Titan™ Sub-A12 combines the newest technologies, materials and design topology to ensure absolute accuracy and high output. The TITAN™ Sub-A12 is powerful 12 inch active subwoofer. A built-in 250 watt (continuous) 500 watt (peak) amplifier conveniently accepts stereo or mono line level inputs via dual, balanced, XLR-¼" "combo" connectors. A custom designed, pressed frame 12" woofer, with a 2.5" voice coil, is utilized as the heart of the Titan™ Sub-A12's complementary low frequency enhancement system. Integral signal processing includes a dynamic AGC (Automatic Gain Control) circuit, a stereo crossover and signal limiting for the prevention of a distorted signal to the internal amplifier. A convenient and an essential PHASE switch is included to allow for proper subwoofer signal polarity to be selected. A pair of balanced XLR male output connections may be used to to send a high-pass, line-level stereo signal to a pair of powered, full-range speakers such as the popular Wharfedale Pro Titan™ ACTIVE models. 1. Pole mount socket The top of the Titan™ Sub-A12 provides a convenient built in pole mount socket for easy mounting of a standard 35mm diameter speaker pole (such as the Wharfedale Pro SP-1) for easy top-side mounting of a mid/high passive or active speaker. 2. Integral Carry Handle The Titan™ Sub-A12 has two rubber over-molded carry handles (one on each side) for easy transportation of the enclosure. 3. Rubber Feet There are four skid-resistant screw mounted rubber feet on the bottom of the Titan™ Sub-A12. 4. Ports There are two ports on front of the Titan™ Sub-A12 that are reflex tuned to provide enhanced low frequency response from the enclosure. Applications: Because of its functional cabinet design, the Titan™ Sub-A12 is versatile and applicable in a variety of configurations. At home indoors or outdoors, on stage, in clubs, at rehearsals, in theaters and houses of worship, the Titan™ Sub-A12 will provide the high standards of low frequency audio reproduction that you require. SPECIFICATIONS MODEL TITAN SUB-A12 GENERAL INFO System type Reflex subwoofer Frequency response +/- 3db 55-200Hz CROSSOVER SECTION Crossover Frequency / Filter 80Hz/100Hz/120Hz/150Hz/180Hz/200Hz (adjustable) PHYSICAL FEATURES Enclosure Material 15mm MDF Enclosure Colour Grey Size (mm/inches) 305mm / 12" Coil Size (mm/inches) 64.26mm / 2.5" Frame Material steel frame AMPLIFIER POWER Continous RMS 250W Peak (Wats) 500W Power on indicator LED Power On Protection Power switch on / off mute Thermal Protection Amplifier shutdown, auto reset Low Line Voltage Shut Down 60% Nominal line voltage Driver Protection Independent LF limiters DC Protection Yes Short Protection Yes INPUT SENSITIVITY 0.37V Impedance 4 ohm Speaker Pole Adapter Yes Inputs A & B Type / Connection Balanced Line Level inputs via two combo connectors Outputs A & B Type / Connection Balanced Line Level inputs via two combo connectors High Pass Frequency Selection 150Hz Phase Switch Selection 0° / 180° Clip Limiter Turns on approx 250W output Limiter Indicator Red LED Power Indicator Blue LED DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Height ( mm / ins ) 360.0mm / 14.2" Width Front / Rear / mm / ins 493.0mm / 19.4" Depth ( mm / ins ) 431.0mm / 16.9" Net weight ( kg / lbs ) 22.31kg /49.0lbs Gross weight ( kg / lbs ) 26.26kg / 57.8lbs